December 31, 2015

#Whereareyoufrom Project

whereareyoufrom logoMAASU strives to tell the story of Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIAs) in the Midwest through the #Whereareyoufrom Project. The project’s main goal is to combat the question ‘Where are you from?’ that many APIs are are constantly asked. This question identifies APIs as foreigners in their own home, which makes them perpetual foreigners, when they are not. #Whereareyoufrom collects the stories of individual across the Midwest through videos, audio and written stories. The stories we have collected range from working professionals to students, family and friends who grew up in the Midwest.

You can listen to some of the stories on MAASU’s Storycorps page, where we record and house all audio stories. If you are interested in reading stories, you can head to our facebook page or check out our monthly newsletters and read the stories there. If you are interested in sharing your written story, you can do that here:

For more information on this project, you can contact our Advocacy Co-Chair:

Fall 2015 MAASU Kick-Off Video

#Whereareyoufrom Featured Story

whereareyoufrom October story

Other great storytelling initiatives to check out!

Center for Asian American Media (CAAM)

CAAM’s initiative Stories to Light underscores the diverse expereinces that Asian American have gone through. They have captured a multitude of different stories from film makers to students to their team at CAAM.


In light of Jeb Bush’s comments about anchor babies, a young 15 year old boy starts a twitter hashtag to address the ignorance in Jeb Bush’s remark towards Asian Americans.

My Banana Story

My Banana Story is an initiative through Paradox platform. Paradox platform serves to educate and raise awareness to the sociopolitical climate of Asian Americans in the United States. My Banana Story uses the metaphor of a banana to talk about the Asian American experience.