February 25, 2017

MAASU Representatives

For all members schools, they get to select a MAASU Representative. M-Reps, for short,  are the official liaison between member schools and the MAASU Executive Coordinating Committee (ECC). As stated in the MAASU Constitution, each school may only have one M-Rep.

The roles, duties, and responsibilities of the M-Rep consists of the following:

  1. Respond to emails and messages from MAASU Communications chairs or other members of the ECC when necessary
  2. Update his/her/their school’s APIA organization on MAASU information regarding campaigns, conferences, and fundraisers
  3. Has the power to submit one vote for conference bids, ECC elections, and constitutional changes
    1. During the Spring Conference, the M-Rep votes for schools bidding to host Leadership Summit and Spring Conference for the upcoming year
    2. The M-Reps elect the ECC for the upcoming year
    3. If amendments are made to the constitution, the M-Rep has the power to accept or decline the changes
    4. Voting requires a two-thirds attendance in order to reach quorum
    5. M-Reps will miss at least one workshop and possibly one small group meeting during Spring Conference for voting
  4. Connect with fellow M-Rep peers and Communications Chairs
  5. M-Reps will serve a full academic year in conjunction with the Communications Chairs. Should any M-Rep need to step down for any reasons, please have the institution replace the M-Rep and connect them immediately to the Communications Chairs for updates.