August 23, 2017

Leadership Summit 2017

MAASU Leadership Summit 2017

University of Missouri - Columbia


We chose the theme “Timeless” specifically for the
Leadership Summit because we wanted a theme that
encompasses what leaders are and what they can do
in our community. We settled upon “Timeless” because
we felt that...

  1. The work of a leader is timeless
  2. The impact leaders have on others is timeless.
  3. The fight for justice is timeless.

We believe that “Timeless” is a theme that can help
guide and support aspiring leaders of all stages
throughout their journeys of making change.

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To find out more information about Leadership Summit check out the Leadership Summit website.

University of Missouri at Columbia.

The University of Missouri is nestled in the quaint city of Columbia, halfway
between Midwest metros Kansas City and St. Louis. The city with a population
of around 200,000 was named one of the Top Ten college towns in the U.S.
by Business Insider, Profacinate, and The Huffington
Post for its affordability, student diversity and art
and culture among other attributes.
Since its beginning in 1839, MU has
made it a tradition to break free from
tradition, starting with its reputation as
the first state college west of the Missis-
sippi River. MU founded the world’s first
journalism school, and has the honor of
appointing the first female chancellor of
any land-grant university in the nation. And
no school shows more pride than Mizzou,
home to the America’s first homecoming.

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