December 31, 2015



Any school or national organization falling within the Midwest region is eligible to join MAASU as set forth in the bylaws. All authority of MAASU shall ultimately rest in the member schools in conjuncture with the Executive Coordinating Committee.

For any questions about membership please contact our Membership Outreach Chairs at:


MAASU will recognize three forms of membership as outlined:

  • Campus Organizations: Hereinafter referred to as “member schools.” Membership shall be open to any formally recognized Asian American student organization at an institution of Higher Education. Has voting privileges.

  • Affiliate Organization Membership: Hereinafter referred to as “affiliates.” Membership shall also be open to any nationally recognized Asian American organization. Must have college student representative in order to have voting privileges.


  •   1 year membership: $75.00

  •   2 year membership: $140.00

  •   3 year membership: $200.00

Choose for how long you want to be a member below!

MAASU Membership