Each year, MAASU hosts two conferences. The fall conference, known as the Leadership Summit (LS) is catered to 150-200 students. The Spring Conference (SC) usually hosts over 800 attendees, and is where M-Reps will vote in a new Executive Coordinating Committee, decide on the upcoming conference locations and constitutional changes. Each conference brings to light the history, challenges, and initiatives the Asian Pacific Islander American community faces.


Leadership Summit 2016


Hosted by Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

November 11th-12th, 2016

The proposed theme is “Journey to the Center.” Asian Americans continue to exist on the margins of visibility in almost every component of society— from politics, activism, sports, media, and more.

Our identities are constantly called into question, and we must be ready to think critically about those questions when the moment arises. That is why it is not enough to simply remain on the outskirts when racial tensions flare. We must inform and educate others about our personal struggles and shared histories because we are our own strongest advocates. And to do that, we must journey to the center.

Spring Conference 2017: “#UnitedWeStand”

Hosted by University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

April 7th-8th, 2017

As one of MAASU’s missions is to “unite and strengthen the A/PIA community’s stance against all forms of oppression,” #UnitedWeStand is aimed towards uniting the A/PIA community with one another to discover the history of our roots and our identities that serve as the grounds of current social justice movements. The conference aims to provide an inclusive space where we are able to strengthen our connections with other people of color, of ability, of sexuality, of experiences, to unite for the common cause of intersectionality and bettering quality of our lives. Together, with our different backgrounds and unique experiences, we will form a movement of solidarity that inspires those from all walks of life. Registration open <b> February 2nd </b> and workshops will be first come, first serve.