December 31, 2015

Host a Conference


Bid Process to Host a MAASU Conference

Interested in bringing a MAASU conference to your school? Here are some guidelines on the bid process to host the next MAASU Leadership Summit or Spring Conference!

A. Bid Packet

All interested schools are required to create a bid packet. The purpose of this bid packet is to showcase why the school should host the conference and provide an overview of the planning logistics. Bid packets on average are around 20 pages long and need to include the following sections below. In order for consideration, the following form must be filled out a week before the Spring Conference when Bid Presentations will take place.

  • Title page {school name, theme, logo and whether it is to host a Spring Conference or a Fall Leadership Summit}

  • Table of contents

  • About the school {background information, APIA presence, location}

  • Theme Explaination

  • Planning Committee

  • Conference Facilities

  • Lodging

  • Restaurant

  • Conference Schedule Overview

  • Keynote Speaker and Entertainment

  • Workshop Ideas

  • Proposed Budget

  • Estimated Revenue 

Example Bid Packets for Leadership Summit:

(A) 2014 LS – University of Missouri (B) 2015 LS – Purdue University

(C) 2016-LS-Northwestern-University (D) 2017-LS-University-of-Missouri

Example Bid Packets for Spring Conference:

(A) 2013 SC – University of Michigan (B) 2015 SC – University of Minnesota

(C) 2018-SC-The-Ohio-State-University (D) 2019-SC-University-of-Colorado-Boulder

B. Bid Presentation

Bid presentations for both the Leadership Summit and Spring Conference will occur during the annual MAASU Spring Conference in front of the MAASU General Assembly. Up to 2 representatives can present on behalf of each school. Representatives need to prepare a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation and provide 2 copies of the bid packet. After all presentations, the MAASU General Assembly will vote and the winning schools will be announced later that evening during the Spring Conference Banquet.

For more information on the bidding process, please fill out the following form: HOST A CONFERENCE FORM