December 31, 2015

Board of Advisors

There shall be a Board of Advisors (BOA). Nominations will be made by the ED or a member of ECC. Members of the BOA will be elected by a ¾ majority of the ECC. There shall be at least three members of the Board of Advisors during any given MAASU year.

The BOA shall:

    • Provide oversight of MAASU and advise the Executive Director and ECC Chair

    • Attend MAASU Leadership Retreats, Spring Conferences, and MAASU ECC Retreats

    • Communicate regularly with the Executive Director, ECC Chair, Board of Advisors, and Planning Committees for both the Leadership Retreat and Spring Conference

    • Attend teleconferences and other conference calls as needed

    • Maintain records of all MAASU related materials including, but not limited to, Leadership Retreat and Spring Conference materials, membership, and finances

    • Must be able to establish and maintain professional and appropriate boundaries and relationships with students

    • Able to dedicate 1-2 hours per week on MAASU initiatives including, conference calls, answering emails, advising ECC members, and other duties



If you are interested in becoming an advisor for MAASU, please e-mail