December 31, 2015

About Us

Welcome to the Midwest Asian American Students Union homepage!

The Midwest Asian American Students Union is “an effort to unite Asian American groups across the Midwest, to voice the opinions of these groups in regards to pertinent issues, and to promote the varying cultures that comprise the Asian American community.”

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Overcome is a word filled with a personal sacrifice that tells the stories and experiences of millions. As Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, we are no different. Within overcome, we hold the stories of our own experiences, our parent’s experiences, and our culture’s experiences. Overcome is the metaphysical manifestation of our courage, our tenacity and our persistence at the obstacles that we face in our lives. It is the perseverance of self on which our survival is dependent. To each of us, overcome has a different meaning and a different a feeling, but it is a singular word that resonates deep within us. When we overcome, we are united. When we overcome, we begin thriving.

To learn more check out the Spring Conference Website.

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